TR300 automatic truck wash

TR300 Three Brush Bus Washing Machine The machine is equipped with technologically advanced features and controls. Ideal for cleaning public buses, mass transit and school buses It can clean 12-15 vehicles per hour, making it very efficient. Built to last for over 15 years

  • The application of advanced equipment can greatly improve the image of the store.
  • It’s available to clean 12-15 vehicles per hour, and the efficiency is significantly improved.
  • Can be used for 15 years or wash more than 500,000 cars, cost-effective.
  • The equipment uses a large number of imported components to ensure the quality of the product and a low failure rate.
  • Make customers not only make money in business but also make money steadily.
  • Comes with a fault identification code. easy to identify and troubleshoot.
  • The most convenient choice of follow-up product packages.
  • The powerful after-sales service support provides a good base for your business.

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